Hi, my name is Aneta :)

It’s lovely having you here! I am an online presence consultant based in Vienna specialising in teaching small business owners how to cleverly navigate the complex world of online tools and platforms & turn their efforts into tangible results.

What is an online presence? – ‘Online presence’ basically means the entirety of a brand’s online channels, including websites, social media accounts, newsletter lists, and business listings.

I have over 10 years of experience in various branches of marketing: from corporate, e-mail marketing, business administration, B2C marketing, publishing, to B2B event management. While I enjoy all aspects of marketing (it’s one of my passions!), I chose to specialise in online presence building for small businesses because:

a) small businesses are locally rooted and in general more socially and locally conscious. We need to invest into local communities though local businesses to cause ripples globally! 

b) every business should be able to benefit from the online advantage equally! Small business owners need to get online and start taking up space to avoid being overshadowed by big corporations.

I offer:

  • complete online presence strategy planning
  • WordPress websites installation and setup with ready-made themes
  • on-page SEO

Interested in hiring me as your small business online presence sidekick? Contact me and schedule your free 1 hour consultation using the form on my homepage.

My Bio

I originally come from Poland, from a small village near Kraków. I moved to the UK in 2008 and graduated from the University of Northampton in 2012 with a degree in BA Advertising & Public Relations. Since then, I have worked in many companies across B2B & B2C sectors in the UK, Slovakia and Austria, polishing my administration and strategic marketing skills. I developed technical skills in WordPress and SEO in my spare time. A girl has to have a hobby!

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My Purpose

… is to enable small business owners to create an attractive and profitable online presence, which can be nurtured and managed long-term and at low-cost using their skills and widely available resources. 

The end goal is to make every small business owner feel confident in their ability to use the Internet to their advantage.

Many thanks to Iunia Paul for making the icon fabulous!

This is why my logo is simple and bold – it symbolises straight-forward approach. The icon shows three gears, which symbolise a working mechanism, just like a well-managed online presence can be!

I am a…

marketing enthusiast, content creator, blogger, WordPress fan, amateur photographer, book lover, Mad Hatter of Organisation, paranormal romance addict, tea drinker, budget traveller, Photoshop fangirl, and a learning enthusiast.


If you would like to get in touch with me, please use the contact form @ anetakpawlik.eu 🙂 

Writing ✏️

I love to write and contribute articles covering marketing, online presence, productivity, life in Vienna, as well as a topic very close to my heart – mental health. Here are some of my written contributions!

I hope you will stay in touch & enjoy the blog! Oh, and one more thing…

Portrait shot by miss.elusivo