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Hi, my name is Aneta.

I am an online presence consultant based in Vienna, who specialises in online presence building for small businesses. I help small business owners to make sense of business administration, set up WordPress websites on a budget, develop sound online marketing strategies and improve their websites’ search visiblity with comprehensive on-page SEO.


What is ‘online presence?’
Online presence is the entirety of your brand’s online channels, including but not limited to: websites, social media accounts, newsletter lists, emails, business listings, Google My Business account and so on.


I graduated in 2012 from the University of Northampton with a degree in BA Advertising & Public Relations. Since then I have worked in many companies across various sectors polishing my administration and strategic marketing skills. I developed technical skills in WordPress and on-page SEO in my spare time. A girl has to have a hobby!

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I am a…

marketing consultant, content creator, blogger, WordPress fan, amateur photographer, book lover, Mad Hatter of Organisation, tea drinker, Photoshop addict, and learning master.

My favourite things in the world are: organisation, business administration, Earl Grey, photo editing and sharing the knowledge I have gained and keep gaining! The best articles I have written are:

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I hope you will stay in touch & enjoy the blog!

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