Instagram Theme Inspiration #1: Blue and Yellow

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Instagram Theme Inspiration #1: Blue and Yellow

Hi & hello!

I do not use Instagram for business anymore (more about it soon) but I still love spying out some stunningly curated IG feeds. I just can’t stay away.

I have been creating some graphics for fun, mixing and matching colours, photos and fonts. And then I had an AHA! moment – I can publish Instagram feed themes inspirations for fun. So here’s the first one – blue & yellow Instagram theme.

Theme: Blue & Yellow

This Instagram theme combines two contrasting colours: bright blue with toned down butter yellow. They will work nicely with both white and black. It’s bold and modern.

Fonts: MADE GoodTime Grotesk & Arial Bold

Colours: Blue (#5757FF, R: 87, G: 87, B: 255) and Yellow (#FFE297, R: 255, G: 226, B: 151)

Unsplash Stock Photos:

Blue Yellow Inspiration 2018-12-3

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