Why Your Small Business Needs an Online Presence to Thrive in 2018

You need to stop hesitating, postponing, finding excuses and stalling – your small business needs an online presence, no question about it. Right now in 2018, we are facing a period of online reckoning – social media platforms are oversaturated with content, engagement rates for Facebook and Instagram are dropping, pay-to-play options gain on importance, and the online reviews are treated with mistrust.

Yet, despite all of the aforementioned and many more reasons, a small business like yours simply cannot do well without establishing at least a single online touchpoint

In this article, I am sharing with you the most important reasons why your small business needs an online presence to survive in 2018. 

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List of the Best Free Online Resources for Small Business Owners

There is plenty of free tools you can use to make your online presence building faster, better and easier. Don’t believe that every small business has to start off with custom solutions and trailblaze their strategy – that approach is virtually impossible and way too ambitious! (I am not even mentioning how big of a waste of time that is too). How about making use of the existing resources prepared by professionals and shared online freely?

If you want more free resources including document templates and checklists to support your small business online presence, subscribe to my free Library of Resources. 

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How to Increase Engagement with Emojis Marketing

It’s incredible to think that these tiny digital ideograms created by Shigetaka Kurita became a language on their own.

Colour me impressed, they even got their own holiday – the 17th of July is the official World Emoji Day!

There is more – they have grown to be an irrevocable part of digital communication to such an extent that the scientists confirm their ability to affect emotions of people, who see them.

This post will let you in on the emoji marketing secrets and explain how you can successfully increase engagement with emojis marketing on your online channels without appearing out of touch.

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