Want to Increase Your Productivity? Take it Easy

We, freelancers, are convinced that we cannot afford to slow down – especially when the business is young and you are trying to make a name for yourself. Your time is now. You got to hustle and bustle, give it your 101% and look i-woke-up-like-this fabulous. You should also work less and preferably four days a week, spend time on passion projects and meditate to be a successful business person.

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Last Minute Useful Gifts for Female Freelancers

Do you have friends, who are freelancers? Are you a cool #bosslady looking for ideas for her ‘From me to me’ present? Do you need a cool idea for practical Christmas gifts for freelancers? I got your back!

This nifty guide to useful gifts for female freelancers by a female freelancer will give you a good idea how to make the giftee squeal with joy.

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