Why Your Small Business Needs an Online Presence to Thrive in 2018

You need to stop hesitating, postponing, finding excuses and stalling – your small business needs an online presence, no question about it. Right now in 2018, we are facing a period of online reckoning – social media platforms are oversaturated with content, engagement rates for Facebook and Instagram are dropping, pay-to-play options gain on importance, and the online reviews are treated with mistrust.

Yet, despite all of the aforementioned and many more reasons, a small business like yours simply cannot do well without establishing at least a single online touchpoint

In this article, I am sharing with you the most important reasons why your small business needs an online presence to survive in 2018. 

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5 Free Minimal WordPress Themes For Your Website in 2018

Your website is and will always be the key online presence touchpoint for your small business. It’s a fact and nothing, not even the most beautifully curated Instagram feed will change that. Why? Because your website is owned by you. Short of your hosting provider’s server failure, nothing will take it away from you. And even then, you will have a backup 😉

Your dream business website should be easy to manage and agile, responsive, quick to load, healthy in terms of on-page SEO and look aesthetically aligned with your brand. How do you achieve that?

Three words: minimal WordPress themes.

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