Why Your Small Business Needs an Online Presence to Thrive in 2018

You need to stop hesitating, postponing, finding excuses and stalling – your small business needs an online presence, no question about it. Right now in 2018, we are facing a period of online reckoning – social media platforms are oversaturated with content, engagement rates for Facebook and Instagram are dropping, pay-to-play options gain on importance, and the online reviews are treated with mistrust.

Yet, despite all of the aforementioned and many more reasons, a small business like yours simply cannot do well without establishing at least a single online touchpoint

In this article, I am sharing with you the most important reasons why your small business needs an online presence to survive in 2018. 

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5 Free Minimal WordPress Themes For Your Website in 2018

Your website is and will always be the key online presence touchpoint for your small business. It’s a fact and nothing, not even the most beautifully curated Instagram feed will change that. Why? Because your website is owned by you. Short of your hosting provider’s server failure, nothing will take it away from you. And even then, you will have a backup 😉

Your dream business website should be easy to manage and agile, responsive, quick to load, healthy in terms of on-page SEO and look aesthetically aligned with your brand. How do you achieve that?

Three words: minimal WordPress themes.

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New content on Unsplash!

I have uploaded new photos to my Unsplash profile. >> Grab them here! I have added some shots of Vienna, which you can freely use on your blog or social media channels. If you post my photos on IG, feel free to tag me @akpawlik – I will throw a like your way 🙂

Want to Increase Your Productivity? Take it Easy

We, freelancers, are convinced that we cannot afford to slow down – especially when the business is young and you are trying to make a name for yourself. Your time is now. You got to hustle and bustle, give it your 101% and look i-woke-up-like-this fabulous. You should also work less and preferably four days a week, spend time on passion projects and meditate to be a successful business person.

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List of the Best Free Online Resources for Small Business Owners

There is plenty of free tools you can use to make your online presence building faster, better and easier. Don’t believe that every small business has to start off with custom solutions and trailblaze their strategy – that approach is virtually impossible and way too ambitious! (I am not even mentioning how big of a waste of time that is too). How about making use of the existing resources prepared by professionals and shared online freely?

If you want more free resources including document templates and checklists to support your small business online presence, subscribe to my free Library of Resources. 

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Aneta’s Guide to Budapest: Essential Tips + Sightseeing + Food

Budapest is one of my favourite short break cities in Europe – it’s easily accessible from Vienna and still, despite having visited it numerous times, I consider it full of mysteries and unexplored places.

Budapest is a city for everyone: solo travellers, foodies, budget travellers, digital nomads, weekend visitors, festival goers, history lovers, couples and many more. Also for introverts! Despite its popularity, it’s big enough to accommodate crowd-disliking people like me.

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Instagram Copyright & Reposting Guide for Business Accounts

Instagram has so far been the only platform that does not enable in-app post re-sharing functions but 2017 beta tests of a native regram button (regramming is a Instagram word for ‘reposting’ or ‘resharing’) indicate that this might change in the future. While it’s exciting for some, it’s worth noting that there has already been a lot of confusion about permission and copyright laws applying to Instagram. If you are a small business on Instagram one mistake on Instagram can hurt your reputation quickly. Are you wondering how to repost user posts to your Instagram business account without breaching someone’s copyright or violating Instagram policy? You can clear the confusion with my Instagram copyright and reposting guide now!

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Last Minute Useful Gifts for Female Freelancers

Do you have friends, who are freelancers? Are you a cool #bosslady looking for ideas for her ‘From me to me’ present? Do you need a cool idea for practical Christmas gifts for freelancers? I got your back!

This nifty guide to useful gifts for female freelancers by a female freelancer will give you a good idea how to make the giftee squeal with joy.

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