5 Free Minimal WordPress Themes For Your Website in 2018

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5 Free Minimal WordPress Themes For Your Website in 2018

Your website is and will always be the key online presence touchpoint for your small business. It’s a fact and nothing, not even the most beautifully curated Instagram feed will change that. Why? Because your website is owned by you. Short of your hosting provider’s server failure, nothing will take it away from you. And even then, you will have a backup 😉

Your dream business website should be easy to manage and agile, responsive, quick to load, healthy in terms of on-page SEO and look aesthetically aligned with your brand. How do you achieve that?

Three words: minimal WordPress themes.

Luckily for you, the internet is full of completely free or free demo versions of simple clean WordPress templates that you can grab and start using. Here are the best 5 free minimal WordPress themes for your website in 2018, that I have recently researched and tested.

How to download these themes?

Go to your WordPress admin panel. Choose ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’. In that panel, select ‘Add New’. Search for the names of the themes listed in this post, select ‘Preview’ to see the live view of the theme on your blog or ‘Install’ to add the theme to your admin. You will need to click ‘Activate’ on the selected theme to launch it. 

Atomic Blocks

Why I love it: If you like Medium’s fresh and airy layout, you will enjoy this theme. It’s also beautifully integrated with WordPress’s new Gutenberg* release.

This theme is perfect for: Service providers, writers, freelancers, content producers, and photographers.

Atomic Blocks was created and constantly updated by Array Themes, a WordPress themes developer agency that hails from ‘dedication to simplicity and the marriage of quality design and development for fine products’.

This theme is perfect for those, who want to focus on photos surrounded by bold text, the simplicity of design and navigation. Don’t expect fireworks – expect usability and a lot of negative space. The funky blocks include testimonials, photo galleries, notices, calls to action, quotes, and announcements on top of your regular WordPress functions.

The blog you are reading is currently using Atomic Blocks theme.

View the Live Atomic Blocks Demo.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new built-in WordPress editor which will be released with WordPress 5.0 update as an integral part. Currently available as a plugin, Gutenberg modernised the well-known WordPress backend into a live-preview of your posts, which can now be composed by mixing and matching block elements. You can learn more here on the official WordPress Gutenberg site.


Why I love it: Because this theme is tailored to scream about the owner – while the demo version has fewer features than the Premium theme, you can still do a lot to showcase your skill set.
This theme is perfect for: freelancers and consultants aka professional hustlers, who have a lot to say about their work experience and portfolio.

Hold on, how is this minimal? Don’t let the loaded live view deceive you! Bold & beautiful, this theme coded by Rara theme is designed to help you spread the word about your services with large elements intertwined with high-resolution images. Clear navigation also accounts for minimalism! I can’t help but think about Amy Porterfield and her extremely focused and polished approach to injecting her personality and expertise into her neatly built website. If you ever envied Amy her fancy website, this demo version will be for you.

View the Live Influencer Theme Demo


Why I love it: Because it’s the bold type of minimalism.
This theme is perfect for: designers, no question about it.

Krea’s CSS-animated portfolio theme is built on the principle of minimal elements for maximum effect by Quema Labs. You will see immediately that the first role here plays the carefully crafted content – the perfect stage for your own creations.

The theme has a page, portfolio and blog functionalities to keep the clutter to minimum and your attention focused on the content.

View the Live Krea Theme Demo. 


Why I love it: Because this theme is simple and modules-focused – a perfect landing page creator with limited choices to force you to pick what matters the most.
This theme is perfect for: people, who need to create a landing page with bold branding that will be impactful and easy to manage – consultants, hear the call!

If you are one of the people, that need to create an effective but simple page, that requires little text, bold fonts, CTA buttons and nothing more, you will love Businessx by Acosmin. Confession: I am one of these people. My main professional landing page is currently equipped with Businessx theme and I couldn’t be happier. The theme offers basic building blocks functionality for your homepage supporting business offering – logo carousel, testimonials, icons, team members and text blocks. You will need to install a contact form plugin (simple Contact Form 7 does the trick!).

View the Live Demo of Businessx Theme.

Gema Lite

Why I love it: Because it invites brand storytelling, the core of every small business, and presents it in a quirky & artful way.
This theme is perfect for: I see it as a perfect template for cafes or restaurants that want to charm their customers with a beautiful lifestyle approach. 

Being a small business owner because means resourcefulness. The Gema Lite theme by Pixelgrade is not made for commercial aspirations but it might as well be used as such by a creative mind. Imagine the landing page adorned with bright photos of your restaurant’s signature dishes and a story behind your passion for food and community. I might be getting a little bit carried away here but you know what I mean!

This theme is equipped with the basic blog functionality, which means you will need to settle for less & focus on images when using it.

View the Live Demo of Gema Lite Theme.

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